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It took me a long time to find a good pest control company - dallasboys9 - 01/27/2012
It took me a long time to find a good pest control company with reasonable rates and somebody who really cared about the service they would be providing. Then I found the perfect company Salem pest Management which I now have used for almost a year. He sends reminders that your service is due time has never been a problem day or night. he is very kind and considerate to the needs of the home. I would recommend this company to anybody who wants their bug of any kind gone. Thank you Salem Pest Management

Thank You! by Derick - 07/07/2011
My wife and I were having problems with ants in our kitchen since we had moved in. We tried to get rid of them ourselves but they always came back in full force. Finally we decided to get help and found Mike online. Since he has treated our house, we have had NO outbreaks of ants. Even better, the spiders and wasps have stayed away too! He is prompt, courtious and works around our schedule. I would highly recommend his services if you are having ANY problems with pests!

And I thought I was doing okay at control by I was doing okay? - 06/30/2011
I had ant bait at every doorway, windowsill and register opening. I would spray perimeters around those areas with Raid after each floor washing. Then I heard gnawing behind a cabinet. We called Mike to come and find the culpret. He came and not only set traps for the "gnawer", but I no longer have a house filled with Raid and dead ant bodies. There has been no evidence of either gnawing or ant activity since he came. He was so effective that we set up the monthly maintainence. Mike works with our schedule, uses material that has very little, if any, odor and has been so effective I have finally relaxed my vigil of always looking to see where the next place the ants will come in from. His prices are VERY reasonable. We actually enjoy it when he comes.

Highly Recommend! by G.A. Price - 06/24/2011
We had armies of sugar ants marching through our house from several different directions. I don't remember how we had the great fortune of finding Mike, but I'm very glad we did. No more ant problems, or bugs of any kind, including spiders. Mike has been very kind in working within my schedule as well. Thanks, Mike!

American Bug Busters Pest Control by Ants are BUSTED in Keizer! - 06/18/2011
Mike got rid of our ant infestation with the first treatment! We had ants coming out of the light fixtures, crawling up the walls in every room, pretty much taking over the kitchen too. After the first treatment we rarely saw the occasional straggler. Mike's treatments are SAFE around children and pets, EFFECTIVE immediately and with regular treatments, we are PEST FREE! I tried to get rid of the ants alone for 6 months as they kept spreading and multiplying, but with the first treatment Mike applied, they were dead in their tracks! If you have bugs that are bugging you, call Mike! He will be there fast, get rid of the bugs fast and give you relief fast! THANK YOU Mike of American Bug Busters!!

Thank You Bug Busters by Rachel - 09/10/2010
I had a severe spider problem in my new house this summer and Bug Busters was there to help. I called and Mike came right out to spray. I immediately noticed a marked decline in spiders, webs and others pests with just the first treatment. Mike has been on top of coming out every month to spray. We are now virtually pest free and loving it.Thank You for coming to our aid so quickly. Mike is prompt, efficient, courtious and professional. I would recommend this service and look forward to their continuing service in my home.

Lemon Tree Child Care by Bonnie Kline - 08/09/2010
We began using Bug Busters about 6 months ago when sugar ants invaded our kitchen space. We have had regular monthly service since then and have been very satisfied with the services provided to us through Bug Busters. We highly recommend these services to anyone who is in need of an insect outbreak OR for someone who is looking for a monthly service to keep pesky bugs in check! Thank you Mike for the wonderful customer service!

Thanks! by antfreeinkeizer - 04/20/2010
I had Mike from American Bug Busters come and take care of my sugar ant problem and I couldn't be happier! I'm taking advantage of his monthly service that he offers to keep it under control! Thanks Mike!

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